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Summer 2023 AFA Cyber Camp Coordination

March 17, 2023

It is time for the registration process for the AFA CyberCamps this summer. Here is the schedule of camps.
Standard Camp: Week of 10 July
Advanced Camp: Week of 23 July

Maj Blatchley has the budget to register for one more standard camp. If you would use a different week for the standard camp, please respond so he can meet the needs of the most people.
Here are the other weeks available.
Week 1 ​June 5-9
Week 2 ​June 12-16
Week 3 ​June 19-23
Week 4 ​June 26-30
Week 6 ​July 17-21
Week 8​​ ​July 31-August 4


Once we are settled on the third week for a standard camp, I will create the registration form.

Remember, if you register through me for the weeks we have, then you will not have to pay the camp fee as CAPNHQ is paying a single fee for any CAP squadron, group, wing or region to use the material that week. 

If you want another week, you will need to register with the AFA directly and you will also be required to pay the full price for that camp out of your own squadron/wing funds.

Also note that the material is restricted to using just during the week of the camp. 

Please do not ask about taking the material and using it on your own at a later time.

If you have any questions, you can post them here or email me at 

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