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KYWG September 2023 Cyber Classes

September 6, 2023

KYWG Cyber Training Sept 16th, 2023 (One Hour Web Course) Part One : Understanding Cyber Security and Part Two : Understanding CAP Cyber Programs  

THIS IS AN ONLINE/REMOTE TRAINING Taking place SEPT 16th 2023  From 1930-2030 ET 


Please Contact  Activity Director Major Sharon Howarth at for more info or any questions.  

Here is the form to sign up and share for this Web class. Anyone outside the Wing is also welcome to sign up as long as we have the room on the call.

SIGN UP FORM for this Activity is here 



THIS IS AN INPERSON TRAINING held at KY WING HQ in Frankfort on SEPT 30th 2023 from Noon to 430 pm ET. ( arrival check in starts at 1145 am ET and please arrive by NLT 11:55 am ET )  UOD CADETS ABUS SM POLOS Please contact Activity Director Maj Sharon Howarth at for more info or any questions or concerns

Note : There will be a lunch provided for a small fee (10 dollars or less TBD by logistics.)


The following classes are being offered at this activity : 


1. Cyber Patriot Help - Resources and Q and A for Coaches and Cadets. This class will offer some helpful training resources, and suggestions, as well as go over competition and training best practices, and answer questions for Coaches and Cadets, to help prepare your teams before Round One. 


2. Unit Cyber Education Officer Basics. This class will offer Unit Cyber Education Officers helpful suggestions and resources on teaching basic Cyber education at the Unit level, and explain further the responsibility and expectations placed on them from the CAP Cyber Education National Team to help Cadets prepare at the foundational Unit level, for the more advanced offerings at Wing Cyber Camps, Regional and National Academies and more. 


3. Understanding CAP Cyber Programs This class will again be offered to help the average Cadet and SM and those teaching classes or coaching Cyber Patriot teams, understand what kind of Cyber Programs training opportunities and resources there are in CAP, how they build on each other and are interdependent and what can be gained by participating in one or all of the amazing things CAP offers it's members in relation to Cyber security training and education from the basic Unit level to the most advanced National Academies, and everything in between. This class will actually be offered twice in Sept, first on the web call and then again at the in person activity. 


4. Cadet Cyber Class/es* :  While the SMs are taking the Cyber Education Officer class, or spending time collaborating as Coaches, the Cadets will also be taking a class ( or two hopefully, as time allows ) at the same time which will be a *Cyber fundamentals and concepts class of some kind, exact title and subject matter TBD. That information will be updated very soon. This *class, will provide the Cadet with important foundational information on cyber security that will help them understand Cyber security concepts and better prepare for more advanced cyber training opportunities. (*If we have time for 2 classes, we will and would like to do two, we would also like to offer a more advanced class if we have the interest.)


The Sign up Form for this activity is here


Once you have signed up an email will go out with the login for the first activty, and then there will be an email with more info such as exact lunch fee and cadet classes sent out to those who sign up for the second activity. 

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