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Cisco Learn-a-Thon

Cisco Networking Academy LogoThe 2020 Cisco Networking Academy Learn-A-Thon, celebrated the new partnership between CAP and the Cisco Networking Academy!

The Learn-A-Thon concluded on October 9th, 2020. 

Nearly 1,600 Civil Air Patrol (CAP) members participated in the first ever Learn-A-Thon with Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad). 

This past August, CAP announced a partnership with Cisco NetAcad where all members will have access to its cybersecurity training materials and resources free of charge. To kick off this exciting partnership, a Learn-A-Thon commenced on September 14th to engage all members to complete the Introduction to Cyber Security course. Wings and regions were challenged to compete to have the highest number of completions of the course.  

North Dakota Wing came in first place with 11.11% student completions followed by Montana and Kansas wings. Illinois, Arkansas, Vermont, Maine, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia completed the ranking as the top 10 wings with high rates of course completion in the competition. 

When asked if everyone should have a foundational understanding of cybersecurity, Lt. Col. Joanne Janchus, of Peachtree DeKalb Senior Squadron in the Georgia Wing, shared, “Yes, I believe everyone should have a foundational understanding of cybersecurity because I bet most people are like I was and think they know about it, but are incorrect. After taking the Cisco course I found out how little I knew about cybersecurity, it’s very much needed and it seems every day it’s necessary to be one up on data and digital crime.” 

“The Learn-A-Thon is just the beginning in the expansion of cyber security education opportunities for every member of CAP. As CAP’s cyber mission continues to grow, partnerships such as with Cisco will be vital in providing the skills necessary to support that mission.” said Lt. Col. Paul Creed III, National Cyber Mission Deputy for Education & Awareness. 

All members who participated and completed the course will be receiving the Introduction to CyberSecurity badge, and a unique Learn-A-Thon digital badge. Members are encouraged to complete the Cybersecurity Essentials course next. Many more courses and content will be made available to members in the future as planning and coordination continues.

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