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Cisco Networking Academy

Cyber Education for All Members of CAP

Cisco Networking Academy LogoCivil Air Patrol has partnered with Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad) to make cybersecurity support, training and curriculum resources available for free to all 55,000 CAP members. Check out the announcement (PPTX) and read the full story on this exciting partnership between Cisco Networking Academy and CAP!

The partnership with Cisco was announced at CAP’s recent 2020 National Conference to benefit CAP cadets, many of whom are already involved in cyber defense education and competition, and also generate excitement among senior members interested in cybersecurity. 

Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco NetAcad courses will be released in quarterly cohorts to help encourage completion and to help with recruiting new members to join CAP. 

Quarter 1 2021 will run from 17 January 2021 - 31 March 2021 and will consist of the four courses noted below. Quarter 2 2021 will feature the four courses below with plans for two additional courses focusing on Linux. 

Cisco NetAcad: Get Connected

The digital world is upon us both personally and professionally. Having a better understanding of the Internet, computers and social media can be a big help toward acquiring digital skills. And, once you have these skills there are many more possibilities opened to you as far as career advancement. Learn how to use a computer, connect devices and access search, email, and social media. Enjoy course content that is very user-friendly and interactive with lots of illustrations! No previous knowledge is needed for this introductory course.

You'll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Create accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Understand computer networking and how to browse and search the Internet.
  • Become familiar with Microsoft Windows and how to work with files and folders.
  • Identify common problems and implement solutions.

This course is self-paced but units can work on the course together. 

17 January - 31 March 2021 enrollment: 

Cisco NetAcad: Introduction to Packet Tracer

Enroll, download and start learning valuable tips and best practices for using our innovative, virtual simulation tool, Cisco Packet Tracer. This self-paced course is designed for beginners with no prior networking knowledge. It teaches basic operations of the tool with multiple hands-on activities helping you to visualize a network using everyday examples, including Internet of Things (IoT). This Introductory course is extremely helpful for anyone who plans to take one of the Networking Academy courses which utilizes the powerful simulation tool. No prerequisites required!

You'll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Simulate data interactions traveling through a network.
  • Visualize the network in both logical and physical modes.
  • Apply skills through practice, using labs and Cisco Packet Tracer activities.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This course is self-paced but units can work on the course together. Students completing the course will earn a badge that can be shared on social media.

17 January - 31 March 2021 enrollment:

Cisco NetAcad: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Today’s interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Whether you’re attracted to the relativity new world of cybersecurity as a professional, or just interested in protecting yourself online and in social media, this introductory course is the answer. It explores cyber trends, threats—along with the broader topic of cybersecurity in a way that will matter to YOU. For instance, you’ll learn how to protect your personal privacy online while gaining additional insight on the challenges companies, and governmental and educational institutions face today. No prerequisites required.

You'll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Learn what cybersecurity is and its potential impact to you.
  • Understand the most common threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Gain insights for how businesses protect their operations from attacks.
  • Find the latest job trends and why cybersecurity continues to grow.

This course is self-paced but units can work on the course together. Students completing the course will earn a badge that can be shared on social media.

17 January - 31 March 2021 enrollment:

Cisco NetAcad: Cybersecurity Essentials

A single breach can have huge consequences for a company, hurting the bottom line and causing disruption in the daily lives of millions of people. That is why the demand for security professionals continues to grow. Get onboard—and develop an understanding of cybercrime, security principles, technologies, and procedures used to defend networks. Then decide whether you want to pursue an entry-level networking or security professional role. Recommended if you plan to study for CCNA or CyberOps Associate Certifications. Prerequisite Introduction to Cybersecurity or equivalent knowledge recommended.

You'll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Understand security controls for networks, servers and applications.
  • Learn valuable security principals and how to develop compliant policies.
  • Implement proper procedures for data confidentiality and availability.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using real equipment and Cisco Packet Tracer.

This course is self-paced but units can work on the course together. Students completing the course will earn a badge that can be shared on social media.

17 January - 31 March 2021 enrollment:


Q: Are the Cisco NetAcad courses open to both cadets and senior members?

A. Yes, all NetAcad courses, as CAP releases them, will be open to all CAP members.


Q. What is the minimum age for cadets to participate?

A. Cadets must be at least 13.


Q. I participated in the Learn-a-Thon; do I need to re-take the Introduction to Cybersecurity course?

A. No. As long as all NetAcad courses are completed under the same NetAcad account profile, the student's complete course history will be intact.


Q. Can members work together on the course?

A. Yes, members can work together on studying the material and the courses make great squadron activities! However, in order to receive course completion credit, students will need to complete all quizzes within the course themselves.


Q. What happens if a student does not finish a course prior to the end date?

A. If a student does not finish a course before the end date, the student will need to enroll in the same course again but in the next cohort. The previous course will remain accessible so the student can refer to their prior work and complete it again in the new course.


Q. Why are the courses being released in quarterly cohorts?

A. The courses are being released on a quarterly basis to encourage their timely completion and to be used in cohort recruiting of new members. 


Q. Can the courses be conducted virtually as a squadron or higher echelon activity?

A. Yes, units or higher echelons are free to use the NetAcad courses as the basis of any style of instruction desired. For example, taking one lesson per week would make a great squadron meeting activity or an entire NetAcad course could be presented as a weekend activity. As long as the students complete all required activities within the course, they will receive course completion credit and receive the badge that can be shared on social media to build their professional resumes. 


Q. I already have a NetAcad account; what should I do?

A. If you already have an account with NetAcad (such as from CyberPatriot or the Learn-a-Thon), continue to use that account. If you do not yet have an account, sign-up using your CAP email address. NetAcad accounts cannot be merged. 


Q. I am having some issues with accessing the content; what should I do?

A. Firefox is the recommended browser for NetAcad but clearing the browser cache with any browser can assist with issues on accessing content.


Q. I have some questions or need some assistance; who should I contact?

A. Email or reach us on our Slack team for assistance.

2020 Learn-a-Thon

A Learn-A-Thon officially opened CAP’s access to the NetAcad program! CAP regions and wings competed to have the highest number of cadets and senior members complete the 15-hour Introduction to Cybersecurity course.

CAP members who participated in the Learn-A-Thon and pass the introductory course were rewarded with a Cisco Intro to Cybersecurity digital badge as well as a Learn-a-Thon Experience badge. Visit the Learn-a-Thon page for more on the competition and winning wings and regions! 

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