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CAP National Cyber Academy

CAP National Cyber Academy LogoThe CAP National Cyber Academy (CNCA), the summer cyber NCSA, integrates cyber security certification standards into career exploration courses and dovetails with the Cadet Program Cyber Module.

The CNCA hosts three courses, Cyber Operations Fundamentals, Cyberspace Networking, and Cyberspace Advanced Administration Course, at three locations - Hampton Roads, Virginia, Colorado Springs, CO, and San Antonio, Texas.

Please visit the NCSAs page for this year's offerings.


Cyber Operations Fundamentals

This is an advanced course designed to familiarize students with the tools, techniques and procedures used to perform vulnerability assessments and other Defensive Cyberspace Operations.  The course mirrors the Cyber Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter weapon system Mission Qualification Training, which provides the technical skills and knowledge required for an Air Force Cyberspace Operator to advance from Basic Cyber Qualified to Mission Ready.  Students will be taught by Air Force CVA/H Instructor Cadre, and will be given a behind the scenes look into the everyday life of a Cyber Protection Team member.  Students will also get the opportunity to hear from civilian cyber security specialists to understand the opportunities that exist in the private sector.  This course is limited to U.S. citizens only at this time.

Cyberspace Networking

This is an intermediate course designed to instruct students on advanced networking concepts. Students will explore the OSI model in depth, IP addressing and subnetting, Access Control Lists (ACL's), security and troubleshooting. These concepts will put students on their path to take their CompTIA Network+ certification.

Requirements to attend this course are:

Age 14 by activity start date
United States citizen (Texas and Virginia Campus)
Possess the Wright Brothers when you apply

Must have successfully completed ONE of the following courses:
1) Cyberspace Familiarization Course, OR
2) Cyberspace Operations Fundamentals Course, OR
3) Cyberspace Advanced or Advanced Administration Course, OR
4) Great Lakes Region Cybersecurity Advanced Course, OR
5) CAP Cisco Networking Academy "Introduction to CyberSecurity"

ALL attendees will be required to complete CAP's Cisco Networking Academy: "Networking Basics" course by 1 June.

Cyberspace Advanced Administration Course (CAAC) 

The goal of the CAAC is to give you new tools, techniques and procedures that you can use to harden Windows and Linux systems. With a system that is more locked down, that system will be less vulnerable to cyber attacks and thus lead to a more solid cyber posture. In addition, this course will allow you to explore career opportunities in the cyber field whether it be with the military, other government agency, or civilian companies. Although not explicitly a goal of the CAAC, participation may improve your teams ability to compete in cyber competitions such as CyberPatriot.

The CAAC is not an introductory or beginning course. It is expected that participants in this program have a base level of understanding of Windows and Linux operating systems. The CAAC material assumes you have an understanding of user login and password concepts, system updates, starting and stopping operating system services, and basic system policies such as password length, password history and service configuration.

Requirements to attend this course are two years of CyberPatriot competition experience. One of those years must have been at the Platinum Tier level. Additional prep work via the Cisco Networking Academy will be required after activity slotting.


Photos from past activities can be found here

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