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Exciting Cyber Training Opportunities for All CAP Members

January 16, 2023

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In 2020, CAP entered into a partnership with Cisco Networking Academy. Free, quality cyber education for all CAP members continues, with the 2023 Learn-A-Thon, starting on January 23rd, running through February 10th. All CAP members are encouraged to register and participate! The course is Networking Basics and upon completion, members will earn a digital badge to share on various social media platforms. Colonel Brett Dolnick, the National Cyber Mission Team’s Leader, commented, “The education that CAP members receive for free from the course, whether for a future career, or for their own personal knowledge, is well worth their time, as we continue to innovate throughout CAP using cutting edge technology as well as in our daily lives.” 

Additionally, the next Cisco Networking Academy cohort has opened. Once members complete the Learn-A-Thon, they should consider enrolling in one of the 12 courses, available in both English and Spanish.

The Learn-A-Thon registration: 

NetAcad registration:

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